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Create Your Own Story! Workshop


A collaborative, free-flowing workshop that explores your story. This workshop combines the disciplines of storytelling, dramatic improvisation, and intuitive writing prompts to lead you to creating your own content. Everybody has a story to tell and the empowerment of telling it is explored. The workshop is led by award-winning actor Geoffrey Blake and celebrated playwright and screenwriter, Marcia Christie Blake, who is also Geoffrey's lifetime collaborator and wife. 


With your story you can create a performance piece, a script, a free flowing narrative. However you want to do it and whatever you want to do with it! We meet every Wednesday night via Zoom! 

When: Wednesdays 

Time: 5 - 7pm PST

Space is limited! For enrollment and tuition inquiries, please email Geoffrey at


Come be heard! Come be inspired!

- The Blakes

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