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Advanced Technique 

Led by 2-time SAG Award-winning and Emmy-nominated actor, Geoffrey Blake, Monday nights will focus on guided exercises for the actor then getting straight to the work. Geoffrey utilizes his training by leading actors through unique scene study and monologue work, Method-based sense memory exercises, and Stella Adler-based imaginary exercises. In addition, he pulls from the Actors Studio by applying relaxation-revitilization mind and body exercises to the class. 


Come prepared with a monologue or a scene to play with. Alternately, you may submit a self-tape and we can review it together. You will have the opportunity to rework the performance in class. This is a weekly safe space to deep dive into the craft and discipline of acting! 

When: Mondays

Time: 5 - 7pm PST 

Space is limited! For enrollment and tuition inquiries, please email Geoffrey at

Dare to be bold! 


Peace, Love, and Craft, 

Geoffrey Blake

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