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“Geoffrey has so much to offer aspiring actors.“

Joe Pantoliano - Actor - Emmy Winner for The Sopranos

“I’ve worked with Geoffrey on The Man In the High Castle and other projects and throughly enjoyed sitting with him and discussing the crafts of acting and filmmaking. I think his observations and the various industry professionals he invites to share is a gift to any aspiring actor.”
David Semel - Award-winning director and prolific pilot director in the industry

“Geoffrey's insights are valuable gems from a stellar career. He is intuitive and his love for the craft is infectious.”

Steven Weber - Actor

"Can’t say enough great things about Geoffrey Blake and his method/sensory acting classes. If you are just starting your acting career or are in reboot mode, Geoff has a depth and breadth of knowledge of the craft to help you build a solid foundation that will last a lifetime. Geoff’s background in commercials, tv, and film is extensive. His casual yet caring style will safely and professionally navigate all age groups. So jump on board! Mr. Blake will help you sail to your next destination!"

Catherine Lauren - Actor

“I have been taking this class since it began in October 2019, and I absolutely love it. It's an ongoing class, so it's great for actors who need to freshen up on their craft between gigs. Geoff is a wonderful coach who help actors feel open and safe in our environment. Since he's always working, I know I'm receiving insightful knowledge from someone actively in the business. He teaches you different techniques that you can try out and store in your mental toolbox as you progress through the course. And, the best part, we get to watch a ton of movies! Every week we watch films at home and analyze the performances in class. As someone who studied acting in college, I can honestly say that I've gotten more out of this class in 8 months than I did in 4 years at school.”

Angelique Fustukjian - Actor

"Geoffrey Blake’s class gave me back my emotions and ability to be present in the moment! I’ve taken classes all over LA, but there is nothing like Geoffrey’s class where he helps you connect back to your mind, body, soul, and the craft of acting itself. Every class leaves you inspired and in love with the artistic and personal experience of acting. It truly makes you love being an actor. Geoffrey’s passion and presence is contagious; and being a successful working actor himself, he is a wealth of knowledge and SO generous. If you feel like you’ve lost your spark for acting or have become numb to your own emotions or your acting isn’t taking you on a journey, JOIN THIS CLASS. ​"

Cassidy von Kronemann - Actor

“Geoffrey’s acting classes make the life behind the lines come alive. His weekly webinar features the top people in the industry. Geoff’s influence makes you want to be the best actor and person you can be.” 

Jeff Lemuchi - Actor

"Geoffrey is a very talented and dedicated actor and acting coach, and he truly cares about our success. He is also very friendly, genuine, and down to earth and makes every class interesting and fun. I feel honored to have Geoffrey as my acting coach, and I strongly recommend him to anyone who is serious about being a working actor."

Rosie Lopez - Actor

"The Working Actors Journey with Geoffrey Blake have been an extraordinary experience! Meeting some of the industry's best on a weekly basis has been a great boost for me and my acting career. Pure gems!"

Charles Massey - Actor & Entrepreneur

"There is NOTHING like Geoffrey Blake’s Workshop and His Working Actors Journey. He really helps me bring the best out of myself as an actor in such a natural way. His experience shows in the way he engages with each of his students to make sure we all get the best experience individually and as a unit. I always look forward to working with him each week. I highly recommend his class."
LB - Actor

"Great for young actors to have access to conversations like Geoff is having with lifelong working actors, directors, producers and casting directors. The insights  he is sharing here provide invaluable tools of the trade. Anyone tuning in, at whatever level will learn." 

Xander Berkeley - Actor - Featured in The Walking Dead, 13 Reasons Why, and more!

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